Marketing for Challenging Industries

Ever feel like your marketing agency doesn’t understand your sector, challenges or goals? At Devise Marketing, we know how to help you succeed.

Our team has worked in some of the toughest sectors, where we’ve led marketing projects and managed teams. From engineering to healthcare, consulting to retail, professional services to technology and everything in-between, we know what makes businesses successful.


    From marketing audits to building marketing plans, creating budgets, devising growth strategies and more. Whether you want to solve a challenge or need a virtual Marketing Director.


    From SEO to PPC, Social to Email Marketing, Digital PR to Direct Marketing, we can help ensure your day to day tactics are run as efficiently and effectively as possible, through our award-winning team.


    Whether you want to upskill your existing team or need help building a new team we provide hands-on training in a number of locations or which can be delivered in your office by our specialists.

    What we Do

    Strategy focused marketing support

    We don’t believe in following the latest flashy marketing tactics. At Devise Marketing, we’re focused on building campaigns that connect and enhance your strategy, and build your brand. We achieve this by using marketing principles proven over decades, delivered via the right channels new and old. 

    No vanity metrics, or pointless tick box exercises. Everything we do is designed to increase your bottom line, enable you to reach your KPIs and allow your business to thrive.

    We’re academically qualified – our owner is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing – and technically astute – with digital marketing qualifications in hand.

    Most importantly we have a broad range of in-house and agency experience. This means:

    • We know what good looks like
    • We understand your challenges
    • We know how to deliver the best possible services

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