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Solving tough problems

We wanted to build a different kind of agency. One tailored to tackling tough business challenges, in highly competitive industries. Where securing an order can mean thousands and even millions in extra revenue. 

Our team are specialists in these sectors and whether you want help with marketing strategy or day-to-day tactics we can create a campaign to help.


Our FOunder

Mike Essex

Devise Marketing was founded by Mike Essex, a former senior marketer at Bowman Power, Johnson & Johnson, Petrofac and Koozai (a UK digital agency). He wanted to create an agency that could tackle the challenges he had seen in B2B businesses, which were not being addresses by the agencies he hired. So, using his own in-house and agency experience he built Devise Marketing to do just that. 

Mike takes an active role in all of our projects, bringing to bear his significant experience and deep understanding of many challenging sectors to help our clients.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and regularly speaks at conferences covering marketing and industry specific topics.  Mike can also be hired to speak at events and deliver training at your organisation.

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