Marketing Strategy Case Study

Vision ERP

Helping Vision ERP, a specialist B2B SaaS company, stand out with their marketing

Competitor positioningAbout the client

Vision ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultancy, that specialises in the Unit4 ERP platform. They integrate with customer teams to deliver cost-effective, bespoke integrations of ERP software across the project lifecycle. From saving failing projects to setting up new systems, they help customers better allocate resources through digital transformation, saving time and money in the process.

The challenge

Whilst Vision ERP has conducted several Unit4 installations they had been challenged by the company to sell the software on an ongoing basis. As Vision ERP do not have a sales and marketing function, they sought an agency to develop a marketing strategy that could be executed with their current resources, whilst also setting them up for future growth if they decided to increase marketing spend.

Their marketplace is significantly crowded, with 8 UK resellers of Unit4 and other global companies as well. As such, Vision ERP didn’t feel they had a USP to set themselves apart. Vision ERP was seeking a marketing agency to help them rapidly build new leads and do so in a way that doesn’t take away from their core service offering.

With existing experience of developing marketing strategies in challenging sectors, Devise Marketing was selected to deliver this project.

Word mapSolution

  • Researched the ERP market, sector growth opportunities, customer insights, key decision makers and future companies for Vision ERP to target.
  • Conducted interviews with staff and reviewed customer feedback to identify Vision ERP’s strengths so they could stand out in the market.
  • Reviewed competitors, their marketing strategies, positioning, and tactics used. This was used to identify gaps in the market where Vision ERP could be positioned to differentiate themselves.
  • Identified 14 marketing tactics to support the strategy. As budget was low, we made sure tactics were prioritised and used as best possible to reach their audience.
  • Lastly, set critical success factors and KPIs so they could track success and benchmark their year-on-year performance.


  • New marketing approachWe repositioned the client to take advantage of their capability as a boutique consultancy and the high level of partnership they offer clients. Messaging was developed so they could clearly articulate this message to the market.
  • As a result of our efforts, we gave the company a grounded understanding of where they came from, what makes them unique, and where they’re going in the future.
  • We provided Vision ERP with 20 benefit statements and USPs they could use in marketing material which also improved their own understanding of where the company excels.
  • By increasing software sales, Vision ERP now have an excellent opportunity to also sell professional services to the same customers, improving their entire sales pipeline.
  • Strengthened relationship with Unit4 by exploring collaborative marketing opportunities that can benefit both parties.
  • They are now well set up to conduct marketing activities, whether that be small pieces of work or hiring marketing personnel to deploy more time intensive tactics. The company has the knowledge to deliver the most effective marketing possible as they grow, to maximise budget and resources.

“As a small company we were finding it extremely difficult to tap into new markets and reach prospects. Devise Marketing have helped us understand our position in the market and helped us understand how we can strengthen this. We now have a marketing strategy which we can put into motion. Mike at Devise Marketing is a pleasure to deal with and hope to work with him again in the near future.”

Dave Elbro, Consulting Director, Vision ERP Limited

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