Setting SRJ Technologies up for strategic success

Marketing strategy case study


SRJ Case Study GoalsAbout the client

SRJ Technologies is a specialised engineering and containment management company, that provide consulting services and bespoke products to the oil and gas market. They help customers to reduce their operational risk and keep assets running safely around the globe.


The challenge

SRJ Technologies were seeking a marketing specialist to help define their marketing strategy and tactics for the next 5-10 years. With rapid growth, expansion and an initial public offering (IPO) on the horizon, they saw a considerable market opportunity and wanted to have a marketing strategy to help them unlock this potential.

As the agency for challenging industries, and with team members that had previously worked in oil & gas, energy and engineering, Devise Marketing was personally selected by the Managing Director to conduct this assignment.


SRJ PropositionsSolution

  • To understand the market, the business offering and the wider environment, we initially conducted interviews, analysed competitor strategies and researched the market.
  • Using this information, we redeveloped the marketing strategy, positioning and USPs around gaps and growth opportunities.
  • At the heart of this was a new tagline that perfectly summarised the company’s offering and goal – “Elevating Asset Integrity” – this was chosen for its aspirational nature and ability to quickly summarise their core service.
  • In addition, we highlighted problems with current positioning and solutions to overcome barriers to purchase.
  • The marketing tactics used by 8 competitors were researched to identify lessons for SRJ and where their competitors were weak in the market.
  • We then identified 19 marketing tactics to support the strategy and every stage of the marketing funnel. For each tactic we provided actions for SRJ, priority levels, how often they should use the tactic and how much of their resources should be allocated.
  • Lastly, we set critical success factors and KPIs so they could track success and benchmark their year-on-year performance.


SRJ Problems and SolutionsResults

  • As a result of our efforts, we gave the company a unique message, offering, position and a unique “why” for existing. This helped SRJ gain ground over their competitors and make an impact on the market.
  • They were able to achieve a successful IPO which peaked at 50% above the target price.
  • New client and project wins were achieved despite challenging market conditions.
  • We repositioned the client from a sales driven approach (“we sell XXX”) to a problem solving approach (“we can help you XXX”) helping elevate SRJ Technologies above the competition.
  • They are now well underway on the 5-year roadmap we established for all future marketing. This plan is helping them play to the strengths of their marketing team and allowing them to maximise the resources and budget they have available.
  • Their website, case studies, marketing materials, videos and social media are now tailored to fit their target audience and their key strengths.

“Devise Marketing did a fantastic job assisting us to develop our marketing strategy for the next five years and beyond. They took the time to listen, ask the right questions, and fully understand our market environment and challenges, every step of the way. Their work helped us devise a new tagline, define our market positioning, our strategy and associated tactics. All of these aspects are crucial to achieving the global growth objectives we have set ourselves and the success of our IPO. I would have no hesitation recommending the Devise Marketing team.”

Julia Dale,
Head of Business Development,
SRJ Technologies

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